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The toilet is likely among the least noticed appliances or fixtures in your home, right up until it stops working properly. When that happens, it becomes critically important that you find a team you can trust to get your system working again. At On Time Home Services, our Bakersfield toilet repair technicians provide fast, friendly service backed by years of experience and extensive training to ensure that our customers’ lives can return to normal as quickly as possible. Whether your toilet is overflowing due to a clog somewhere in the line, it won’t flush due to a problem in the tank, or you are simply looking to upgrade to a newer model, we can get the job done quickly.

We also offer 24/7 emergency services! Call us today at (661) 338-5355 to learn more about how we can assist you.

Understanding Your Toilet

There are three basic parts that make up your toilet:

  • Water tank
  • Bowl
  • Siphon tube

When a toilet’s tank is completely full, usually containing about two gallons of water, it is ready for use. The tank is the boxy part of the toilet that is against the wall above the bowl. Inside, there are overflow tubes, refill tubes, a stopper, and a float. When you flush, the toilet handle pulls the stopper and allows water from the tank to the bowl. When the stopper is replaced, the tank refills. The siphon tube attaches to the bowl and drains water only when the level reaches a particular height. As you can imagine, there are numerous places that this system can break down, and we have seen every single one of them!

Advances in Toilet Technology

Technology is evolving across the board, and the possibilities opened by this evolution can even impact how your toilet works! Some newer toilets offer dual flush mechanisms that allow users to choose different levels of water flow to conserve water when it is not needed. Others include pump-assisted systems that increase water pressure, allowing for saving water and money over time.

Whether you need fast, accurate repairs or want a more efficient toilet in your home, our Bakersfield toilet repair and installation team can help! Call (661) 338-5355 today.

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