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If you notice a pool of water collecting in your front yard, you might have an underground pipe leak or break. These breaks can result in not only significant property damage but sky-high water bills as well. Ask On Time Home Services to help you with your potential sewer line break so you can prevent long-term flooding.

We provide home inspections for your whole plumbing system. Reach out to our Bakersfield pipe and sewer plumber at (661) 338-5355.

Addressing Main Water Line Concerns

The main water line connects your home to the city’s water supply. The sewer pipe takes waste water away from your home for disposal. These outdoor pipes are usually made of sturdy material, designed to stand up to the weight of the soil and prevent damage caused by roots or critters.

Your household plumbing is likely made of one of the following materials:

  • PVC: A durable plastic suitable only for outside pipes, PVC is popular for its affordability among homeowners. Repairing small sections of PVC is a relatively simple task for licensed plumbers.
  • CPVC: These pipes, also made of durable plastic, can stand extreme temperatures, so they are suitable for indoor use as well as outdoor use.
  • PEX: Flexible PEX tubing usually brings fresh water into the home. Homeowners like this inexpensive piping option because they thread easily into one another without needing an angled piece to bend the pipe around curves.
  • Copper: One of the most expensive options, copper used to be one of the only choices for homeowners. Copper pipes add value to your home as they do well in most conditions.

Depending on the age of your home, you may also have galvanized pipes. We often recommend replacing these pipes with a more modern material.

Not sure what kind of pipes you have? Ask our piping and sewer plumbers in Bakersfield to inspect your system. Call (661) 338-5355.

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