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Zoning Systems in Bakersfield

Custom Climate Control for Every Room in the House

Traditional air conditioning systems are designed to cool the whole house at the same time. Usually, this means the rooms closest to the thermostat run coolest, while those far away might not cool down at all. Fix this problem with a whole-house zoning system, which allows you to custom cool individual rooms as needed.
Bakersfield zoning systems help your whole home become more energy efficient. Find out more by calling On Time Home Services at (661) 338-5355.

Find The Perfect Zoning System For Your Home

When planning your “zones,” we’ll help you decide which sections to group together. Most homes average around five separate zones, though some families simply diving the upstairs and the downstairs, or the right and the left side of the house. You can probably think of two to eight ways to carve up your home into cooling/heating areas.

Zones enable you to cool your bedroom while you’re sleeping – without cooling the kitchen at the same time. Home zoning is the most logical way to save money while still making sure you’re comfortable in the room you’re using.

The zoning system often involves:

  • Separate thermostats for every zone, which allows you to set each zone at a different temperature
  • Valves and vents that control air flow from one zone to another
  • Installation of extra ductwork to support the independent zones

In addition to your air conditioner, you can also zone your heater. We provide both heating and cooling services for custom climate control in every home! Depending on your home’s needs, we may be able to hook both your heating and cooling system to the same unit. Some homes might benefit from separate systems – we can work out the details for you through a completely personalized set-up

Controlling your home’s temperature has never been so easy. Get a quote for your Bakersfield AC zoning system at (661) 338-5355.

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